The Top Five Must See Attractions in Portland, Jamaica

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If you’re on the fence about making a trip the one of the most breathtaking, adventure-filled parishes of Jamaica, this list will provide a little clarity as to why it’s worth the journey! Portland is a laid back, peaceful parish with lush greenery and blue waters that soothe the soul. While there are countless attractions to enjoy, there are a few I wouldn’t want you to miss!

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Where to Stay in Portland, Jamaica : LaSolana Villas

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When it comes on to booking gorgeous stays without spending an arm or a leg, you can’t go wrong with airbnb! As I shared in my blog post 10 Reasons Why You Should Book With Airbnb, there’s no better way to book on a budget. I discovered LaSolana Villas while searching for quaint home to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with my partner and another couple.

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5 Things you should know BEFORE Hiking to Blue Mountain Peak

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There a few things in life you have to try at least once just to say you did it, and hiking to the very top of the highest point in Jamaica is one of them. The majestic Blue Mountains stands at 7,401 ft and is home to Jamaica’s world famous Blue Mountain Coffee and many fruit and plants you won’t find anywhere else on the island. If you’re a fan of mother nature, you’ll feel at one with her and her splendor during this hike.

Disclaimer : This hike DESTROYED me! I am never ever going again, even if someone tells me there is a pot of gold at the peak. It took my legs about 3 days to return to normal. However it’s truly an experience you have to do at least once, so i’m about to help you to prepare.

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Things To Do In St. Elizabeth,Jamaica : Floyd’s Pelican Bar

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Pelican Bar was #1 on my top 5 things to do in St.Elizabeth, Jamaica and believe me, it earned it! Pelican bar is perhaps the most unique bar you’ll visit in your lifetime as it located in the Caribbean Sea. How many bars have you visited at sea? Yea, I thought so. This is a trip everyone should make at least once, so be sure to put it on your bucketlist! Continue reading

Where to Stay in St.Elizabeth : Waikiki Guesthouse, Treasure Beach

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St. Elizabeth, the bread basket parish of Jamaica! Home to Appleton Estate Rum, The Black River Safari and the most beautiful pink sunsets you’ll ever see in this lifetime. Unlike popular tourist destinations, St.Elizabeth isn’t a filled with lots of glamorous places to stay, but instead caters to visitors who are lovers of quaint places and experiences.

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