Pulse Rooms at Trafalgar

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Pulse Rooms at Trafalgar is definitely the happy medium between business and relaxation. The perfect space for business professionals to work while on the go and in 100% comfort.

I had the pleasure of spending a weekend there and I fell in love! Here’s a few things you’ll enjoy about Pulse Rooms.

Affordable Prices

The price ranges from $90-$120 USD per night, which is a steal for such a great location. This location is great for the business professional as it’s close to all major businesses in Kingston, whilst it shares a property with food shops, a museum and salons. If you aren’t a business professional & you’re just interested in popping in and out of Kingston for an amazing rate, this is your place. I spent my weekend in the Studio King Room which goes for $100 USD per night.

10/10 Customer Service

Anything you need, the staff at Pulse Rooms will be happy to help! The welcome party will have you feeling right at home, the moment you open the door. We love awesome customer service!

Clean, Modern Feel

I love a squeaky clean place to stay! Our room was super clean and tastefully designed. I thought it was perfect for the business professional as it had a quaint work area as well as Netflix for those times when you just want to unwind. Take a look around my room!

King Studio Room – Pulse Rooms
King Studio Room Work Area
King Room Studio Bathroom
King Room Studio Bathroom

Location Location Location!

The location of Pulse Rooms is definitely ideal for every type of guest that will walk through their doors. Need to get some business done in Kingston? Don’t worry all the places you’d like to visit are a stone throw away. In need of some night life fun? You’re close to a many of Kingston’s nightlife & tourism attractions. The location shares the property with a historic treasure ; The Peter Tosh Museum.

The museum tour was one of the most enlightening tours I’ve ever been on. The tour guide, Joy, was genuinely passionate about Peter Tosh and his story, which made her delivery even more enjoyable. I’d was fascinated by the artifacts in the museum and the stories behind each one. There’s a lot to learn about Reggae Superstar Peter Tosh, so be sure to stop by the museum sometime soon.

All in all, I enjoyed my weekend staycation at Pulse Rooms at Trafalgar and I can’t wait to visit again soon! You should get booking at http://www.pulseleisurejamaica.com.

Follow Pulse Rooms @pulseleisure on social media for updates on special days and discounts! Reach out to me on social media as well about any additional questions you might have!

Instagram : @yourtravellingpen Twitter : @denillerene_

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