Bamboo Beach Club : The Luxury Beach of Ocho Rios!

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Ocho Rios is undoubtedly one of the best places in Jamaica to soak up some vitamin D & have a drink on the beach. A beach is a beach right? I’d have to beg to differ! What makes a beach worth talking about for me is :

1. The Cleanliness

2. The Activities

3. The Entertainment

4. The Food & Drink Options

5.The Customer Service

I came across Bamboo Beach Club when a few of my instagram followers shared a few photos from their trip and they were amazing! When on a trip to Ocho Rios soon after I had to see if it lived up to my expectations.

The first thing I’ll say is, the entry fee is $900 JMD. This is a little more pricey than the average beach, and in all fairness it’s worth it!

Upon entering I was given a menu for the bar & restaurant by a very attractive server neatly dressed. She showed us to the beach side & told us to pick a bed & she will take our order shortly. Woah, excellent customer service on the beach? Where am I? Definitely a luxury experience worth the entry fee.

The beds were super comfortable and a view was everything.

The beach is excellently maintained not a plastic bottle or any form of litter in sight! The picturesque crystal blue waters reminded me of why I love this little island I call home, The Land of Wood & Water.

After getting my feet wet, I had to see what the menu had to offer! I must say I was pleased with the variety as I’m used to having just having seafood on the beach. I tried the Taste of Jamaica which is jerked chicken and fried fish with rice & peas, callaloo and festival.

I had my meal with a sunset cocktail & it was just the spike I needed! Not too much rum to have me toppling over but just enough to get me in the best beach vibe.

It was the end of a long weekend for me or I would have definitely taken advantage of the kayak rental service. Something you should consider doing during your visit!

To top it all off, there was live entertainment on the beach! Check out it out!

So it’s official, Bamboo Beach Club is now my new favorite beach! Please take a visit and tag me in all your photos!

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