The Top Five Must See Attractions in Portland, Jamaica

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If you’re on the fence about making a trip to one of the most breathtaking, adventure-filled parishes of Jamaica, this list will provide a little clarity as to why it’s worth the journey! Portland is a laid back, peaceful parish with lush greenery and blue waters that soothe the soul. While there are countless attractions to enjoy, there are a few I wouldn’t want you to miss!

1. The Blue Lagoon

Blue Lagoon. Photo via Jamrock Tours

The Blue Lagoon is one of the most beautiful sights to behold in Portland, Jamaica. The water has a sorta magic to it, as depending on the lighting, the lagoon can be any blue between turquoise and royal blue. If you love being in and around water this is the perfect stop! Whilst admission to the property is free, you can enjoy rafting and boat tours at an additional fee. During the tour your guide will give you a brief history of the Lagoon, and even share how it got it’s name. Did you know The Blue Lagoon was once called Blue Hole? It was once thought to be bottomless but the depth has since been confirmed to be 180-200 feet. I’ll let your tour guide tell you the rest!

2. Boston Jerk Center

There is so much to love about Jamaica, the beach, the people and the food! Real authentic Jamaican food cannot be duplicated! When in Portland, be sure to stop at Boston Jerk Center before you leave. If your trip allows, i’m sure you’ll stop by more than once. As a Jamaican, I know good jerk and trust me when I say this the best you’ll have on the island. What’s the secret? The seasoning and the love that goes into the preparation. Stop by and have your jerk pork, chicken or sausage served up with bread or festival. Can’t choose? Try a little of everything!

3. Reach Falls

Can you in good conscience visit a tropical treasure like Jamaica and not visit a waterfall? Whilst there are many waterfalls, Reach Falls is one of my favorite recommendations as it will satisfy your craving for adventure without breaking the bank. Admission is only $500 Jamaican dollars, which allows you entry to the facility and always covers a tour. Be sure to tip your tour guide! The tour takes you on a trip to the famous rabbit hole! Dare to jump in?

Source : Insider

The tour involves lots of climbing if you choose to not travel by land so make sure you wear comfortable shoes. There are many opportunities to swim most of the way if you’d prefer to show off your skills in the water. A most stop for the adrenaline junkie!

4. Winnifred Beach

Easily one of the most talked about beaches in Portland! It is known for being extremely clean and quiet, allowing you to be at complete peace during your visit. If you need somewhere to unwind, 10/10 would recommend! All around amazing experience for sincere beach bums! It is a free beach, but persons are encouraged to leave a donation for the residents who do an excellent job of keeping the facility clean. Hungry? Grab a meal from any vendor on the property and you won’t be disappointed.

5. Boston Beach

Beauty meets adventure! An absolutely beautiful beach that everyone should visit at least once! The entry fee is only$300 Jamaican Dollars and visitors are allowed to take food and drink inside. So if beach food isn’t your thing and you’d like to take your Boston Jerk inside, you’re free to do so!

The adventure aspect is at least 4/5 and I definitely recommend you indulge. Visitors often swim across (don’t worry you can also walk if swimming isn’t your strong suit) to a secluded lounge not far from the main beach. You can have a drink and enjoy the view or take a dive!

I just gave you five good reasons to visit Portland, Jamaica! What are you waiting for?

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