Where to Stay in Portland, Jamaica : LaSolana Villas

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When it comes on to booking gorgeous stays without spending an arm or a leg, you can’t go wrong with airbnb! As I shared in my blog post 10 Reasons Why You Should Book With Airbnb, there’s no better way to book on a budget. I discovered LaSolana Villas while searching for quaint home to spend Valentine’s Day weekend with my partner and another couple.

The property was listed as a two bedroom villa for $125 USD per night, which is a great price point given the amenities. One of the many benefits of travelling in groups, is the ability to share these expenses with friends and getting more bang for your buck.

Airbnb insists that visitors leave reviews so be sure to use this insight before booking. While the reviews weren’t all positive for LaSolana, I was able to decipher between a genuinely displeased guest and a chronic complainer. Persons complained about the rain, considering that Portland is the most tropical parish in Jamaica, it’s bound to rain!

What’s to love about LaSolana Villas?

1. Breathtaking Views

LaSolana Villas – Photo By : Shaq Brooks


There is an amazing view to enjoy at every angle of the property! Thanks to the constant supply of rain, there’s a lot of lush greenery to enjoy as far as the eye can see. This is a trip you’ll definitely need your camera for!

2. Secluded Property

This is one of the first Airbnbs I’ve been to where no local could give me directions to. It’s extremely secluded so you’ll have no disturbances during your stay. If you’d like to get away and relax for a few days, this is the perfect place.

3. A pool with a view.

LaSolana Villas- Photo By : Shaq Brooks

You know a pool with a view makes all the difference. The pool area was extremely relaxing and one of my favorite chill spots during our trip.

4. Friendly Staff

If it’s one thing I love about a good country run, is the friendly people! Is it me or does living close to a water source makes you 10 times nicer? The staff on the property were extremely pleasant, not to mention the owners! There was also a warm welcome party that licked our toes and eager  to play with us. Yes! Dogs! Look at their little faces!

Photo by : @Jevjournalist

5.  Close Proximity to Popular Attractions 

Being the most tropical parish, Portland is home to countless beautiful beaches and water attractions. LaSolana was close to a few ones that we had on our list, like Winnifred Beach! Winnifred is definitely worth the visit, as it’s very peaceful and the food is amazing! 

WinnifredBeach, Portland


N.B : Although you’ll be fairly close to many attractions and restaurants, there’s something about LaSolana Villas that won’t allow you to leave. We had a list of about 5 activities and we were only able to complete one. We didn’t even want to eat out, we ended up doing all the cooking ourselves!  

6. The Rustic Look & Feel

We love rustic Airbnbs! We can’t help it! This property has been around since the early 1940s and was refurbished in the 80s to be the villa we know and love now. It was like spending a day in the pages of a history book. Even the stone steps leading up to and around the pool tells its own story.

LaSolana Villas, Portland : Photo by : @JevJournalist


LaSolana Villas is the perfect place for a quiet getaway! If you need a baecation or even a quaint retreat for a few couples, this is the place. Tranquility at it’s finest, I would give this experience a 4/5! Please note the drive up is indeed a rocky one, but when you arrive it will all be worth it! 

Link : LaSolana Villas


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4 thoughts on “Where to Stay in Portland, Jamaica : LaSolana Villas

  1. Trying to contact the property manager at La Solana villas to no avail. The person that answered the phone number provided on their site knew nothing about the property. I just want to make sure there is no issue.

    Do you have a proper number or any other contact info?


      • Thank you so much. I will definitely contact them. My kids and I are visiting my mom. I will be their first time visiting her since she moved back home. I was excited to see such a beautiful property near her.

        Thank you for all you do! Keep shining!!!!


      • It’s really comments like these that make me love what I do. I’m so happy I could help! You’ll have a great stay!


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