5 Beaches You MUST Visit While in Jamaica

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Jamaica is undoubtedly the jewel of the Caribbean! Being the home of some of the world’s most beautiful beaches, it’s sometimes hard to to pick which beach to visit while you’re here. As a humble beach bum, I’ve created a list of my top five MUST SEE beaches in Jamaica. Whether you’re a local or tourist, I encourage you to make it your duty to visit every beach on this list. Let’s go!

1. Winnifred Beach – Portland

For months my social media family has been encouraging me to give this beautiful beach a try, and I had no regrets spending my Valentine’s Day weekend here. Portland is considered the most tropical parish in Jamaica, home to lush greenery, beautiful views, breathtaking waterfalls and amazing beaches. And of course, one beach that you’ll hear everyone recommend is Winnifred Beach!

Winnifred Beach, Portland Jamaica

This is a public beach that is absolutely free, however considering locals are in charge of the maintenance I encourage you all to leave a generous contribution. The beach isn’t as busy or loud as most beaches are on the weekend but instead a perfect place to relax, read a book or even soak up some sun! It was an extremely tranquil experience for me, as I’ve never felt more relaxed at the beach. I had all intentions to do a shoot while I was there but I was so caught up in its beauty, I just marveled at the works of Mother Nature.

It’s a great stop to enjoy with friends have some good food!

Fried Fish with Festival At Winnifred Beach
Winnifred Beach, Portland Jamaica

2. Seven Mile Beach – Westmoreland

During college I imagined living in a hut on Seven Mile Beach with not a care in the world, writing my heart out everyday. Since that didn’t happen, my next best bet is as much time in Negril as I can plan without losing my job. Seven Mile Beach is for the traveller who loves water and great food options!

Your Travelling Pen on Seven Mile Beach, Negril Jamaica

Unlike Winnifred Beach, it’s not always very quiet but the food available on the beach cannot be beat. What I love the most about Seven Mile Beach is the beautiful blue water, and the beautiful sunset. Promise me you’ll stay for the sunset! As far as food options go, stick with Naila’s Beach Bar, and you’ll be happy and full! Read more about eating around Negril here.

3. Bob Marley Beach – St. Thomas

Bob Marley beach made this list for many reasons! By many I mean three, so here we go!

1. It’s Free! Who doesn’t love a free beach?

2. It’s extremely secluded! It’s neatly tucked away so you won’t have an issue with the beach being crowded.

3. It’s close to Kingston! We all love a country run, but I love the convenience of having a little peace of paradise a stone throw away.

4. Boston Beach – Portland

I’m sure you’ve heard of Jamaica’s world famous Boston Jerk! An absolute fave of locals and tourists near and far. I recommend you try Boston Jerk in Portland at least once in this lifetime (I doubt you’ll only try once). As well as I recommend taking a trip to Boston Beach! Entry is only $300 JMD and it is nearby some of Jamaica’s BEST Jerk.

Boston Beach – Portland, Jamaica

If you’re craving a bit of adventure, this is the beach for you. Across the waters a whole new world awaits! Yes, you read correctly. You can opt to swim across or walk across (yes the water is that shallow) and lounge in a few naturally formed rock pools or you can get your heart rate up and jump off from the very top of the cliff. It’s all up to you!

View from Boston Beach, Portland

5. Mahogany Beach – St. Ann

I cannot get enough of Ocho Rios! Considering it’s only 45 minutes away by the highway, I end up there every chance I get. Although Mahogany Beach isn’t exactly a secret it isn’t one of the most talked about beaches in St.Ann. I visited Mahogany Beach on a public holiday (which is the worst day to visit the beach) and it was basically empty. Although the sign said closed to the public, we were allowed to enter for Free!

Your Travelling Pen at Mahogany Beach, St.Ann

Mahogany beach made the list because of its unique charm! At Mahogany beach you can visit a “VIP section” which includes a secluded cave where guests can relax in privacy. I loved the hospitality of the caretaker and I am definitely looking forward to visiting again!

Mahogany Beach, St.Ann

I hope you’ll visit at least one of my Top 5 favorite beaches and don’t hesitate to share yours with me @yourtravellingpen on instagram!

One thought on “5 Beaches You MUST Visit While in Jamaica

  1. Issa shame I’ve never been to any of these beaches lol, but they all look lovely and are already on my bucket list! 🙂 My favourite beaches so far are Frenchman’s Cove in Portland, Lyssons Beach in St. Thomas, the free unnamed one which stretches on for several miles (plus my bf & I had to ourselves) by Gut River in Manchester and Flavours Beach in Runaway Bay, St. Ann.


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