Where to stay in Runaway Bay, Jamaica : Villa Cupola

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Whoever said “there’s no place like home” has never spent a night in a luxury Airbnb/hotel, and it shows. I’d take a night at Villa Cupola over a night at my boring house, any day. This 5 star luxury dome property is neatly tucked away in the tourist haven of Runaway Bay, Jamaica. It’s $495 per night and worth every penny, I even felt like we should have tipped our host! With 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms, Villa Cupola can host up to 10 guests at a time, hence great for group trips. This was my first group trip for the year, a great way to start 2019!

Let’s get straight to the pretty photos and everything I LOVED about my stay.

  1. Infinity Pool

You know if there’s no pool or beach, I ain’t booking, and Villa Cupola came through with the Infinity Pool! The pool was a great touch to the overall aesthetics of the property as the pool flowed into a breathtaking backdrop. Majority of our trip was spent in the pool, don’t believe me? Here’s photo evidence.

2. The SUPER Staff

Jodikay posing with our amazing breakfast

Great customer service should always be applauded, so Joy and Princess deserve a standing ovation! They made us feel welcome from the moment we arrived on Friday night, straight until our departure on Sunday. They helped us with anything we needed with a smile. Joy and Princess both seemed to love their job and they were great at it. The ladies know how to throw it down in the kitchen. Breakfast and dinner were absolutely delicious and led to us spending way more time eating at the table than expected. We were always greeted with a meal fit for kings, and we were very grateful.

Saturday Night Dinner Prepared By Joy & Princess

3. A Quiet Place

No, not like the movie. But, this community has got to be one of the most quiet places on the island. The only sounds were heard other than our voices and shuffling feet, were birds. The perfect place for a quiet, relaxing vacation.

4. Lots of Space

With 5 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms and only 8 persons, we had lots of space to have private time when we needed it. We also had a very comfortable living room space to chill or watch some TV together as a group. The outdoor space had a patio area where we could relax as well as the option to unwind by the poolside.

5. Super Warm Host

Saturday night we began feeling very sad about checking out at noon the next day, so we reached out to our host and he granted us a late checkout time! We ended up staying beyond that late checkout time and met with the host himself. He was very charming and was genuinely concerned with the quality of our stay. We’ll give him five stars as well!

*My facial expression when I heard about the late check out *

Ready to book (or look around) Here’s a link to Villa Cupola. Stay tuned to @yourtravellingpen on Instagram and our YouTube for our tour of Villa Cupola that’s coming soon!

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