5 Must See Attractions In St. Elizabeth Jamaica

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St. Elizabeth is one of my favorite parishes to kickback and relax in my island paradise that is Jamaica! If you’re ever in the mood for a trip to fill your soul & quench your thirst for adventure, St. Elizabeth is the place! Here’s a list of 5 MUST see attractions in St.Elizabeth, Jamaica.

1. Pelican Bar

How often are you given the opportunity to have a cold Red Stripe Beer on a bar in the middle of the ocean? Pelican bar is one of the most unique bars in the Caribbean and definitely lives up to all the hype. We were able to catch a boat at Parottee Bay and it was only 10 minutes away. We opted to leave from Parottee Bay as it was only $1000 JMD for a round trip, whilst it would be $4800 JMD from Treasure Beach. While there you can enjoy swimming around the bar while you wait for the chefs to catch your lunch! Yes, lunch is caught fresh! Don’t be afraid to leave your mark! Carvings on the wood are very much welcomed as well as you can leave a flag or any other memorabilia from your country!

2. Jack Sprat Restaurant

A trip to St.Elizabeth wouldn’t be complete without lunch or dinner at Jack Sprat! You’ll enjoy your favorite seafood dishes in new and exciting ways ; it’s the first spot we’ve been to with such a wide variety of shrimp options! Don’t worry if seafood doesn’t float your boat, there’s lots of pizzas and burgers to choose from. What we loved the most was the dining experience, nothing says tranquility like a meal while watching the pink sunsets at Treasure Beach. The view is amazing, to say the least! Grab a fork & dig into all Jack Sprat has to offer.

3. Appleton Estate Rum Tour

Where are my lowkey alcoholics? Don’t worry, this is a safe space, your rum filled confessions are safe with us! Let’s raise a glass to the most satisfying field trip you’ll ever go on as an adult, The Appleton Estate Rum Tour! You’ll enjoy sipping on real Jamaican rum while learning the history of it all. It’s a nice experience but wear your sunscreen, and comfortable shoes. The tour cost is $35 USD and is worth it! You’ll even get a cute souvenir size rum to take home.

4. Jamaica Zoo

The ultimate interactive zoo experience! The folks at Jamaica Zoo know exactly what visitors want from a zoo trip, and they deliver. The tour is split into two parts ; an interactive petting tour and a walking tour. You’re able to take photos with your faves from the animal kingdom. There’s Sophia the crocodile and Lips the snake to name a few. You can enjoy the zoo for $20 USD / $2000 Jamaican Dollars. It’s a beautiful space and worth the trip!

5. Black River Safari

For the adventurous traveller who would love to be up close and personal with crocodiles for an hour (from a safe distance), this tour is for you. You’ll enjoy a very informative chat with your tour guide/ captain and see Crocs up close as they’re lured to the boat with food. The boat ride is also very relaxing so you might fall asleep on your way back.

Thanks for reading! I hope you’ll visit one of my top fives on your next trip! Follow me on instagram at @yourtravellingpen for more travel inspiration & advice

2 thoughts on “5 Must See Attractions In St. Elizabeth Jamaica

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  2. Awesome list! I’ve done 2 of 5 (Black River Safari and the Appleton Tour), both in 2018. Only places I’d add are YS Falls, Breadnut Valley Falls and Lover’s leap but I guess you had to narrow it to 5, ha. St. Bess is really a lovely parish.


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