Hidden Treasures : Mahogany Beach, Ocho Rios

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It’s always a pleasure to stumble upon hidden gems! Whilst Mahogany Beach isn’t exactly a secret, it’s definitely a beach that doesn’t appear in the spotlight very often. Have you heard of “A series of Unfortunate Events”? That’s a mild way to describe the series of events that led us to this beach, but clearly it was meant to be!

By now you’ve picked up that I absolutely love Ocho Rios! The reasons are obvious, it’s not too far away, so we don’t have to commit half the day to the commute, there’s so much to do and eat as well as a great nightlife scene. There’s something for everyone ; Jamaicans and tourists alike to enjoy!

Who knew finding a free beach that allowed you to take food & liquor on the property would be so hard to find? Well we figured out the hard way, on a public holiday at that. A local gave Mahogany Beach as a suggestion, and we went with the flow. Upon arrival, we saw a sign that said “Closed To The Public”, however we weren’t an easily discouraged bunch. The caretaker allowed us to go in free of charge as long as we agreed to support the bar. Allow me to show you around.

I think my favorite part of Mahogany Beach was a secluded cave we found. This section of the beach had a different caretaker, who boasted about the many celebrities he’s hosted in the “VIP Section” as he calls it. You can tuned to my Instagram page (@yourtravellingpen) for footage from that section of the beach.

After wasting most of our day trying to find a beach, we arrived very close to sunset, so the romantic lighting did our photos well.

So if you ask me, Mahogany Beach is a great stop for a little adventure, a little tranquility mixed with a whole lot of instagram backdrops and corny captions. Don’t worry Google Maps won’t lead you astray this time, just plug in Mahogany Beach & you’re good to go. So if you’re ever in Ocho Rios & you need a little sea, sand & fun this is the perfect place!

If you have anymore questions, let me know! Send a DM on instagram @yourtravellingpen or leave a comment.

Until we meet again,

Your Travelling Pen

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