A Visit To Old Spanish Bridge, Jamaica

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If you’re looking for a spot off the beaten path to enjoy, well look no further! Spanish Bridge is the perfect weekend adventure for any adrenaline junkie. Oh no, I am not talking about all the blood rushing to your face when you see the view from this high up… oh no!

I’m talking about the journey there! Now, I’ve used the term off the beaten path before and honestly, I was lying in all previous instances. This drive requires a good driver and a vehicle up to the challenge ( I notice they did not put this in the caption of those cute Instagram photos).

Our journey started in Ocho Rios from our Airbnb for the weekend, we were all packed with our Google Maps kicking and ready to navigate. Now, many a times Google Maps has led us astray but what the hey, we trust it anyway! Our destination was an estimated 30 minutes away, no biggy. However, the road became worse by the minute, with tiny single lanes around winding corners and almost no road to drive on at some points ; imagine driving through a river bed. All it took was one wrong turn that seemed to be leading nowhere, to get lost! Yes, that’s the turn Google told us to make and we did indeed got lost. Luckily we weren’t the only group being led astray by Google Maps, so we were able to put our heads together to figure a way out. Remember the roads were pretty tight, so turning back was a task on it’s own! Stay tuned to our YouTube Channel for the footage.

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCDMr4W4oB8_TGXbbjLK1yPA

We used our ears and our eyes to help us find our way there, definitely a trip for those who like to live life on the edge.  If you take none of the advise i’ve given you before, please take this one : water shoes are absolutely necessary for your Spanish Bridge visit. Water shoes are a small investment, that will come in handy too often! I bought mine at Fontana Pharmacy for about $800 (JMD). It’s very rocky in the shallow sections and moving around can be a little harsh for your feet.

Does anyone visit Spanish Bridge to stay in the shallow section? Nah it’s all about the jump! This trip was split right down the middle, two swimmers ; Jevon and Shaundae and the land lovers, myself and Rakeem. You all know Jev is known for chickenin’ out, and that he did! He spent about 30 minutes going back and forth, he even cried a little, but he definitely didn’t jump. Thanks to Shaundae we actually have footage of on of us jumping!

We were all taken by the impressive performance of a gentleman swinging from the top of the bridge and gliding across the water almost as through he was literally walking across. He introduced himself as the caretaker of the venue, in charge of keeping the facilities clean and the guests entertained. If you aren’t a swimmer, he will provide you with a life vest and jump off with you, and if you’re a swimmer and need a little help, he will be happy to provide it.

There’s no set fee to enjoy the facilities, but for his efforts we encourage you to tip the caretaker before you leave.

If you have any questions about our Spanish Bridge adventure, feel free to comment or send a direct message on Instagram @yourtravellingpen

Yours Truly,

Your Travelling Pen

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