Where to Stay In Ocho Rios Jamaica

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So you’re planning your next vacation in Ocho Rios and you have no idea where to stay, no worries, I know just the place! Whilst hotels are fabulous, they don’t always provide you ultimate value for your money. In my last blog post I shared with you 10 reasons why I book with Airbnb. Here’s my latest amazing Airbnb experience.

Sunnyside Gardens was the first listing to pop up when I searched for accommodation for 4 during a major holiday weekend here in Jamaica. Upon first glance I thought it was too good to be true!

When booking an Airbnb don’t be shy, plug in all the amenities you need to be comfortable during your stay. Sunnyside Gardens provided me & my guests with the privacy we needed and a pool we fell in love with very quickly. Our host even left us a cute floatie!

We were able to book this property for $43 per night! Even if the price has gone up a little by now, it’s still a great value for money! An amazing value for the entire property which was 3 bedrooms, a hot tub and a pool you’ll never have to share with strangers. This villa can hold up to 6 guests comfortably. The photos do no justice, so stay tuned for our video tour of the property. In the meantime, take a look at the bedrooms!

My guests & I felt right at home, as we had the most warm & welcoming host. We were the second group to book through Airbnb, so he’s not yet listed as a super host but we have no doubt that he’ll get there soon. He was kind enough to give us a pleasant tour of the property & check in on our via telephone for the duration of our stay. Our host, Morris even offered us an extra night, free of cost! He allowed us to check out late and we were very grateful for the hospitality!

Here’s a tour of our Airbnb!

Like what you see? Book Sunnyside Gardens for your next trip! Don’t be shy to let Morris know where you heard the good news!

Link to Sunnyside Gardens : https://abnb.me/5owkVE3poR

Yours Truly,

Your Travelling Pen.

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