Group Travel : How To Make It Work!

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I’m sure you’ve seen countless blogs on how to master solo travel but the same can’t be said for travelling in groups. Solo travel is a safe bet once you’ve crossed the bridge of anxiety, got all your safe measures down pat and get over the fact that Travelling alone can be expensive, you should be fine. But what’s really tricky is planning the perfect group trip that the whole group can enjoy without any arguments along the way. In my blog about sticking to your budget while on vacation, I gave some crucial advice about being careful about who you trip with, and that’s definitely a point I want you all to consider always when planning group outings.

Here’s five things to consider when planning a group trip & during the trip.

1. Select Likeminded Travellers


I can’t stress this point enough! Select friends that have a similar interests when planning a group trip. You have lazy vacationers who just want to lay by the pool ALL DAY and the adrenaline junkie who is down to jump off a few cliffs, pick the traveller that best suits your style.

Last weekend I had my first group sleepover trip with Jev & his best friends. Our trip went smoothly in terms of our daily activities, because we all came to party & find a body of water no matter where it’s at! So it was party party party, water water & more water! No complaints here!

2. Prepare & share an itinerary before the trip.

Communication is a major key if you want to have smooth sailing for your group trip. All plans should be laid out on the table in advance so everyone can give their two cents before any bookings are made. Meet and discuss all you’d like to accomplish on your trip & what you’re expecting.

As said before we all wanted the same things and all plans were settled before we left town.

3. Discuss Finances Ahead of Time

It’s one thing to be able to afford accommodation & food, you need to budget the cost of “vacationing”. With being on vacation comes excursions and entertainment costs. Be sure to discuss expenses that will be incurred while on your trip so the whole team can be prepared in advance.

4. Don’t Go Missing While On Group Outings!

When travelling with a group, especially in a new town or country, it’s important to recognize you’re all responsible for each other’s safety. When out on the town with your friends try not to go missing with new found friends or old ones. Searching for a friend at an amusement park or in a party can kill the mood pretty quickly. So be mindful of your friends and their feelings before running off.

5. Talk Things Out Before Switching Things Up!

It’s important to remember whilst on your trip that this isn’t a solo effort. Of course you’d love to have the freedom to get up and change all the plans you have for the day, but that’s when you’re Travelling alone my love. When with a group, communication is key! Find out if the group would like to change things up a bit. Do a vote maybe!

The key to having a great group trip is managing expectations & egos. You can make it work!

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