10 Reasons You Should Use Airbnb

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Ochi weekend is around the corner & the big question is, where to stay? Now I definitely recommend using Airbnb to book your stay instead of staying in a hotel. Here’s a few reasons why!

1. Safe & Secure Payment

At a time like this where doing business online is super risky, thank God for Airbnb’s safe payment platform. You can trust that your information won’t be compromised.

2. 24/7 Support

If anything goes wrong with your booking in any way possible they got your back! You can simply request a call back or choose to instant message. If you request a call back, they will reach out in literally seconds!

3. ID Verification

All hosts check out! No creeps! So you can feel safe sharing a space with your host if that’s the case. Hosts have their IDs verified by Airbnb, so your host is exactly who they say they are!

4. Low Cost

Great prices in comparison to hotels and you’ll feel right at home! In Negril for dream weekend, I ended up booking late & still got a room for $25 per night. Stone throw from all the parties! Can you say Deaaaaallll? This was a steal at this time because around peak seasons prices get a little crazy in Negril.

5. The opportunity to book the entire space

A whole crib to yourself! Sometimes I only want to see my partner, not other guests. So being able to book the whole space and make myself at home is a great plus for me. You can adjust the search engine to include all amenities that you can’t live without. Book to suit your style!

6. Save Money on Food

Now if you don’t get to book an all – inclusive stay, hotel food is super expensive, you know this! So being able to cook, saves me some coins for my next trip!

7.Great For Group Travel

If you’re going out with the squad, this is a super convenient & affordable way to book. Book an entire space for you and your friends without paying an arm and a leg!

8. Super Duper Customer Service

I’ve had the pleasure of meeting some amazing hosts! They were super accommodating even before I got there! You can communicate via inbox messages on Airbnb with your hosts weeks before your arrival. I love that! Upon your arrival your hosts will provide you with a list of cool things you can do in the area & taxi numbers or car rental hook – ups

9. Amazing WiFi

Yes I hate hotel WiFi, many times it sucks! At your Airbnb chances are you’ll have an amazing connection so you can keep up with the World Wide Web without burning out your data plan.

10. 5 Star Amenities

You can book an ocean front property without paying for it with a kidney! Which is amazing to me. I’ve enjoyed pools, gyms, tennis courts … at $43 dollars a night! Name a hotel that could provide me with that… I’ll wait

There you have it people! 10 reasons why I book with Airbnb! Thanks for reading, if you have any questions, I’ll be more than happy to answer them!

Yours Truly, Your Travelling Pen

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