Things to do in Negril Jamaica! Rick’s Cafe, Naila’s Beach Bar & Pasty’s Coffee Shop

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Negril is one of my favorite destinations in Jamaica, so naturally worth more than one blog post. Grab a knife & fork and allow me to take you on every mouthwatering stop I made while enjoying the sights in Negril Jamaica!

    Rick’s Cafe 

Picking the right Airbnb can make or break your vacation! Lucky for me, my Airbnb was just a few minutes from a few great food stops. While reading the reviews on my Airbnb prior to booking, I noticed a few guests said Rick’s Cafe was walking distance away. JACKPOT! So when I woke up starving on my second day in Negril, I thought why not? Now Rick’s Cafe is one of Negril’s most popular tourist attractions, not known for its bar or restaurant but for its breathtaking sunsets & Cliff jumping. Yes, men and women far and wide actually visit just to jump off a cliff. Weird right? For the daredevils, you can enjoy jumps ranging from about 8- 40 foot! I can’t swim just yet so I came for the food.

I’ll be honest with you, the menu disappointed me. Wings, kebabs, pastas… a wide array of things I can make at home! So it took a while for me to finally select the Chicken Alfredo. Wow remember how I said I could have made these dishes at home? I could have done a better job! But I will say, it did look like it was gonna be delicious!

However this pasta was nothing to write home about, bland. It was a pretty sad experience. So let’s keep hopping until we get this food right! Next stop…..

Naila’s Beach Bar & Kitchen

While at Rick’s I ran into a couple hungry friends & I couldn’t let the same experience I had happen to them so I invited them to Naila’s! Tucked away behind the Negril Beach Club, with the most cozy beach dining area on the 7 Mile Beach Stretch. Now the service at Naila’s is always so warm, and a wide variety of food to match whatever you’re in the mood for. All menu options had a little Jamaican twist to them.

I had a Jerk Chicken Pizza that was so fresh, just the aroma was filling! The only time I’ve ever had pizza that I could smell herbs and spices on was from a nice Italian man I met in my previous life, Peter. Shoutout to Pizza Please in Kingston! By this second visit, Jevon had already settled into a regular order, a Jerk Chicken Burger, the only meal I’ve ever seen move this man to tears.

Even our final visit for the weekend, he ordered the same thing! By the end of my trip I had tried quite a few things from the menu and I can’t wait to visit again to try more!

I wasn’t done eating yet, so I started asking locals where to get dessert! Of course I was told about Pasty’s Coffee Shop!

Patsy’s Coffee Shop

Photo taken from TripAdvisor

Now eating this much is not for the weak. By the time we stopped for dessert, Mario was stuffed. Upon our arrival we were greeted by a sweet gentleman who noticed Mario’s condition and offered him a cup of ginger tea. Patsy’s offers a wide variety of ice cream, milkshakes & cakes alongside their staple breakfast items. Being the lover of dairy that I am, a milkshake was a must! Although both Jevon & I had milkshakes, that we loved, the best part about this stop was definitely the view. To the back of the restaurant, there is a wonderful view of the water where customers can enjoy their sweet treats & a sweet view.

Photo Taken From TripAdvisor

If the soothing sound of waves crashing against rocks, is your cup of tea, you’ll enjoy this cozy spot. So remember, Pasty’s Coffee Shop, West End Road, Okay? I absolutely loved my peanut butter milkshake! It was pretty late so getting bright photos were a bit difficult, but meet my milkshake!

So there you have it, a quick bite into the dining scene in Negril! Stay tuned for more updates! Remember to follow me on Instagram @yourtravellingpen for vlogs from my trips.

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  1. We just returned from a visit to Negril. We love the place, it was our second time there. It was the first time we went to Rick’s Cafe, and now I’m glad we just walked around and didn’t eat there. The beer my husband bought was WAY over-priced. I will look for Naila’s beach bar next time. Thanks for the post for those of us who plan to visit Negril again in the future.

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