Eating Around Negril, Jamaica : Naila’s Beach Bar & Kitchen

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Before “Your Travelling Pen”, there was “The Food Herald” my first public blog. Food is a major part of my life as I grew up the daughter of a baker/chef, so food has helped to shape my whole life. So starting “The Food Herald” which was my restaurant review blog, was definitely a path my family understood me taking. Now as a travel blogger, sharing my experience with the dining scene everywhere I go is on my list of things to do. So let’s get right to it!

After a long drive to Negril and wrestling to get party tickets at the Dream Redemption Center, a quick lunch stop was definitely needed. Damir,  part owner of Naila’s Beach Bar & Kitchen and I made a connection on Instagram a few weeks before my trip to Negril and we’ve been friends ever since. Naila’s is conveniently located on the popular 7 Mile Beach Strip in Negril, nestled neatly behind the Negril Beach Club Hotel. Upon arrival he gave me and the squad a hearty welcome, and I could tell this was the general order of the day as I watched how he interacted with other customers. Damir as well as his friendly staff will definitely have you feeling right at home.  Let’s cut to the chase, the grub!

Now. Naila’s secret recipe is love (don’t tell them I told you, this is really top secret information). Naila, the lovely mama bear, is the one behind the soulful cooking, while her sons handle operations and marketing.  You can literally taste her passion for cooking in every bite. I had the pleasure of trying the Chicken Burger, whilst Mario and Jevon had the Fish and Jerk Chicken Burger, respectively. I know burgers sound basic, but I believe the deal maker or breaker is in the bun! Now, of course, Naila bakes her own buns, duh. They didn’t have store-bought smell or flavour, they were warm and fresh! Appreciated all around the table! Our burgers were served with a homemade jerk mayonnaise that kept the subtle heat going which we loved.  Although we didn’t indulge in the various add ons available such as ; bacon, jalapeños and mozzarella to name a few. You should definitely give them a try when building your burger. It’s safe to say the burgers get a solid two thumbs up from us!

Jevon usually makes fun of me for being overly passionate about food, so it was interesting to see the tables turn as he shed tears of joy after taking the first bite of his Jerk Chicken Burger. Trust me I’m not overselling here, the next time you visit Negril be sure to stop by.

Not only is the food to die for, the view is absolutely breathtaking! The view of the crystal clear water rushing to the shore, the whistle of the leaves and the sand between your toes, will have you sold on starting a whole new life in Negril. If sea water is not your cup of tea, there is a pool on the property. I have no idea if persons not staying at the resort are allowed to use it, but I had a good swim. Take a dip for me! But if you get caught, Your Travelling Pen is not responsible!

If you have any questions about any trips/stops, just send me a DM via instagram @yourtravellingpen!

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