Run Road with Your Travelling Pen : 5 Road Trip Tips & Tricks!

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Did someone just say road trip? Summer time is the perfect time to hit the road with your close friends and catch some sun and vitamin sea! This weekend’s travels took me to Negril for The Caribbean’s largest party series, Dream Weekend! Can you believe this year is was their tenth anniversary? So the celebration couldn’t happen without me. Here are a few tips on how to enjoy your road trip if you hate long drives like I do (yes, Your Travelling Pen hates long drives).

Tip #1 : Take along an awesome road trip partner!

By now you guys know my travel partner Jev (@jevjournalist). He is my every kinda trip partner but he is especially essential for long drives because he helps with making time just fly by. We are used to travelling alone, but this time we had the pleasure of travelling with his cousin Mario (@Urban_Island_)! He lives overseas and this was his first trip back to Jamaica in 4 years! So this was an awesome way to spend it!

Tip #2 : Purchase data and download the necessary applications.

Whether or not you love sharing your every step of your trip with your followers or scrolling through Instagram to pass time, data will definitely come in handy. As soon as I woke up, that was the first thing I had to do. Lucky for me, my service provider (Digicel) was having a 3 times the data promotion! So I spent the same amount to get 3x times the data to keep my readers and followers up to date all weekend! My data plan also came in handy when I needed to use google maps to help us figure out the quickest way to get to our destination. Google maps is a must have for any road trip! Be sure to download it before you #RunRoad

Tip #3 : Pack snacks and drinks for the road!

Once we left my house the next stop was the gas station to get some fuel before we hit the road. Not only did we buy breakfast, but we purchased a few snacks to take on the way. Long drives definitely make you hungry. Be sure to buy a few snacks and drinks to keep your tummy at ease. Rest stops aren’t always where you need them to be so be prepared for anything!

Tip #4 : Organize your music for the road before you #RunRoad

Music is always on my mind so no trip is complete without a couple playlists to keep me jamming, and distracted from the fact that I’ll be sitting for 4 hours. Of course on the road to dream a favorite mix of ours was the official dream mixtape mixed by The DJ Spinn! It wasn’t a 4 hour long mix, but good enough to have on repeat and never get tired of it. A great warm up for what Spinn had to offer us at the Dream events to come! In case you missed it, click the link below to take a listen.

Link :

Tip #5 : Travel with toiletries

If you’re anything like me, and public bathrooms aren’t your cup of tea, so taking along your own soap, tissue & wipes helps! I actually forgot to take my own advice with this one and was ended up in some scary potty situations. I’d rather not talk about it… Just trust me!

Bonus Tip : Watch the Gas Tank 👀⛽️

On our way back to Portmore from Negril I was pretty concerned about the gas we had left in the car, but Jev told me all was well and I didn’t need to worry about it. Of course I trust my travel partner so I let it go. Ever so often I’d peak over, and it did seem fine. Until we were on the Clarendon Toll Road in pitch darkness, with the gas light on, and 20 minutes away from a gas station. I started to think about all the movies I’ve watched with silly kids like us. For me every minute felt like 10 minutes, just awaiting the worst case scenario to take place… But God was surely on our side. I’ve never felt happier to see a gas station! Don’t let this be you on your next road trip!

If you ave any questions about my trips, feel free to message me on Instagram! @yourtravellingpen

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