The Appleton Estate Rum Tour

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Jamaica is without a doubt the jewel of the  Caribbean. We are known for our beautiful beaches, warm sunshine, unmatched food and our incredible contribution to the world’s music. When travelling overseas, once you indicate you’re from Jamaica, you’ll be immediately asked if you knew Bob Marley or if you’re related to him. Yes, “Wi likkle but wi tallawah”! Thanks to our  warm climate, fertile soil for growing sugarcane and resilient sugar milling plants , Jamaica is equipped to  deliver rum of superior quality to the global spirits industry. Jamaican rum is one of the Caribbean’s greatest exports and is the crowned king of Caribbean rums, winning all sorts of prizes and awards from as far back as in the late 1800s.

The Appleton Rum Estate where some of our world renowned rum is made, in the heart of Jamaica;  Nassau Valley, St. Elizabeth. I would recommend this tour for my readers who love a little history and a strong drink. The tour will cost you $30 USD and it will be all worth it!

What you should take along with you :

1. Money/Credit Cards : There is a lovely gift shop on the property that has very tasteful souvenirs and a wide variety of… you guessed it! RUM! So go ahead & indulge!

2. Water : The heat in St.Elizabeth had me speechless. Stay hydrated kings & queens

What To Wear :

As mentioned before, the heat you have to contend with is no joke. Please wear light airy clothes. Also avoid wearing full black. Make sure you’re in comfortable shoes as the tour involves a decent amount of walking.

You are greeted at the door by warm, welcoming staff. Everyone there seemed like they were in a good mood, must be the rum! I arrived mid morning so, rum for breakfast it was! We were all served a cocktail in the lobby before the tour began, and our tour guide promised us that this was just the beginning.  I am a lightweight so that drink was the beginning and the end for me! My travel buddy and fellow touries (yes this is what i’m calling the other people on the tour) seemed ready for a full day of drinking.

The tour lasted for about 30 minutes. It began in the theatre for a short film on the history of rum in Jamaica and a little background information on Joy Spence, the first female Master Blender. We were then taken through every step of the production line and given a little something to “taste up” our mouths as Jamaicans say. Between tasting molasses, having a sugarcane break and sipping on rum & juice our tastebuds were never idle!

What I loved the most about this tour was how engaging and interactive it was. Our tour guide was very knowledgeable and had jokes for days. Everyone got a chance to feel like a part of history, while drinking themselves silly. The grand finale is definitely the tasting. We got up close and personal with our rum and learnt a few tricks of the master blending trade. Everyone was served a sample of their “Signature Blend”, “Reserve Blend” and a “Rare Reserve Blend 12 Years Old”. I can’t handle rum without chaser, so my travel partner Jev happily had mine.

Unfortunately he was one of the few rum heads that weren’t satisfied with the amount of drinking we did. If you’re more into the rum than the tour, pack a flask maybe?

After the tour is complete, everyone is given a 50 ML Appleton Signature Blend souvenir bottle to take home. The Appleton Estate Experience is definitely one for the books! Grab a few friends and stop by the next time you’re in for a weekend adventure!

Until next time, Your Travelling Pen.

If you ave any questions about my trips, feel free to message me on Instagram! @yourtravellingpen

All Photos Shot By : @jevjournalist

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