Exploring Stony Hill, Jamaica : Falling Edge Waterfall & Straun Castle Garden

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Stony Hill, Jamaica, home. Not my geographic home, but the home of my soul. Both my parents are from the lovely hills of Stony Hill, St.Andrew hence I like to owe the magic of my spirit to this town. Stony hill, where my destiny began, and ironically where my journey as a travel blogger begins.

If you’re interested in visiting Jamaica & you’d like to get up close and personal with nature and friendly locals or If you’re a Jamaican in love with adventures but don’t wanna travel too far to experience it you’re at the right place.

Falling Edge is one of the most beautiful waterfalls on the island of Jamaica, and it’s a wonder everyone should see at least once. However of course a waterfall this breathtaking requires a bit of effort to see, but it’s worth it! Take a look!

Here’ a few Hike Necessities :

– Mosquito Repellant

– Water

– Functional Hike Wear

– Sunscreen

– Camera

Falling Edge Waterfall is nestled in the sweet hometown of my father, Bowden Hill. Bowden Hill is located about 15 minutes from Stony Hill Square, where you’ll be able to catch a cab at any time of the day for only $100 JMD. Once you get to Bowden Hill Square, your walk begins! You may opt to park in the square, or park by Bowden Hill Infant & All Age School.

If you travelled by cab, you’ll have about a 10-15 minutes walk from Bowden Hill Square to the school. To the left of the school you’ll notice a beaten path through the woods and that will be your hiking trail for the next 15 mins. This hike won’t be smooth, there are a few dips and drops, twists and turns, but manageable! Be careful not to get scratched by the branches an you’ll be fine! At about 8 minutes into your hike you’ll notice a fork in the path, please stay left! Right will take you right to the Hermitage Dam and that’s not on the agenda for today. A video of my trip will be available on my IGTV channel soon, so you can check that out to get a good idea of the terrain.

When you’re about 10-12 minutes into your hike you’ll be able to hear the rushing water of the falls, so just follow your ears until you’re there! Once you get to the waterfall, allow yourself to just marvel at its beauty for a bit. Take it all in! Unwind, relax, recharge your spirit, this is your reward you definitely earned it after that hike! Locals believe the water falling directly from the rock has incredible healing properties, so you may see a few of them swimming up to the fall with a cup to have a quick drink. Be sure to get your dose of healing water on your trip! A good healthy hike and a refreshing dip in the cool waters will lift any mood.

If you made it to falls in good time and you have a little more adventure left in you, like Jevon and I did, venturing to the Straun Castle Garden is a good idea. Straun Castle Garden is known as a beautiful event venue with lush greenery, and an exotic fish sanctuary and a majestic croc that calls this garden home. Located about 10 minutes drive from Bowden Hill Square, this was my second stop for the day. Locals & visitors alike can enjoy all the amenities for an affordable cost. The possibilities are endless depending on your interests ; if you’re into taking in nature while having a quick lunch, or if you’d like to read a book by the poolside this stop will be worth it!

Upon hearing about The Straun Castle Croc, I instantly had a flashback to my childhood, of imaging what it would be like, having a crocodile as a pet. Visiting this croc, was a must! I began searching the property for him, asking myself, “if I was a croc, where would I be?”. On my way I happened upon a pool with a noticeably natural design. I got my feet wet a little and took a few selfies before continuing my hunt for my crocodile pal.

As I continued to wonder through the property, I found a pond with many exotic fish and I was able to admire them from an intricate bridge.

However the search for the Croc didn’t stop. When I finally happened upon his home, I was pretty disappointed he was in the water and wouldn’t come up, so I didn’t get to see him. Maybe you’ll have better luck on your trip? Be sure to snap a photo for me!

Yours truly, The Travelling Pen.

If you have any questions about my trips & stops feel free to message me on instagram! @yourtravellingpen

All Photos Shot By : @JevJournalist

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