The Longboarder Bar & Grill : St. Thomas, Jamaica

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Let me start of by saying Happy Anniversary to my blog,! It’s been a year filled with love & adventure and I’m so happy I had the opportunity to share with you.

Anniversaries deserve a celebration right? So I rounded up a few friends and my love bug and headed to St.Thomas for a beach side lunch. I heard many great things about The Longboarder Bar & Grill and finally I had the chance to experience it for myself.

We had no trouble getting there as it was exactly where the GPS said it would be. Once we were 5-6 minutes away, I could see exactly why it would be described as a surfer’s paradise. Once we approached the White Horses signs, we watched massive waves crash into smooth black rocks. It was ultimately, picture perfect.

When we arrived we were greeted by an Instagram worthy sign we had to snap a few photos at.

Whilst this isn’t your everyday lay around on the sand type of beach, the views are even more breathtaking. The waves are massive and rough, great to place to grab a board and get surfing. If you’re not a swimmer I would advise you to admire the water from a far.

So what’s there to do without sand and sea to enjoy? Let’s eat!

The gang ordered The Longboarder Burger whilst I ordered a fried snapper with bammy and festival. Take a look!

The Longboarder burger was a homemade patty seasoned to perfection. While it may seem small, it was actually quite filling. Served with a serving of crispy fries, you’ll definitely enjoy it.

While I love to have my snapper fried, it is also offered steamed. It was served with a medley of vegetables and bammy. It was seasoned just right and it certainly a lot to have for lunch, luckily I had help to finish it.

The customer service we received was great! Everyone on staff was extremely pleasant. I’d rate my experience here 8/10! An amazing lunch spot with views you’ll never forget.

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Until next time,

Your Travelling Pen

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